My 2 favourite accounts to follow whilst we #StayatHome due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

My favourite accounts to follow during lockdown

(and that produce insane content all year round)


The first account I have recently started following and have an inner howl every time I see one of her posts is @butlikemaybe on Instagram.

But Like Maybe Instagram Account Influencer Blogger Photo

Image credit: @butlikemaybe

As a verified instagram user, with over 246k followers, it seems like I'm not the only one who is a major fan of Arianna Margulis. Her illustrations have hit the nail on the head for so many things, dating during quarantine, not being able to have nights out with friends and just the one hell of a rollercoaster the Corona Virus pandemic is proving to be. We may live in completely different countries, New York slam dunks on Kent, but I relate to her content EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. She draws and illustrates what we are all thinking and to be honest, acting like as humans. Here are my favourite instagram posts from the account @butlikemaybe to do with COVID-19:

But Like Maybe Coronavirus Instagram Post

But Like Maybe Not Wearing Makeup Instagram Post

But Like Maybe Tequila Pouring on Shoes Instagram Post

But Like Maybe Bangs Prevention Centre Instagram Post


All above images-Credit to:  Arianna Margulis @butlikemaybe 


The second account that is so motivational for cleaning hacks and special buys is Mrs Hinch on instagram. From such a simple concept, Sophie Hinchliffe has shown us ways to clean our home and 'soothe our soul' through her instagram @mrshinchhome and her newly released books such as the Mrs Hinch Activity Journal. 

Do you follow this account and if so, have Mrs Hinchs' lists helped you? Is there a Mrs Hinch cleaning product or hack that you just can not live without? Let me know in the comments! 

Sophie Hinchliffe Mrs Hinch Home Instagram Post

Above image-Credit to:  Sophie Hinchliffe @mrshinchhome  

Thank you for reading beaut! I would love to know what social media accounts you are following during the Coronavirus pandemic. For my next blog post what would you like to see? See below for some rough ideas. 


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