The difference between knee high, over the knee and thigh high, seems pretty obvious right?

What is the difference between knee highs and over the knees? Or lets go a bit further, why are thigh highs so popular? When it comes to styling these beauts the difference can be remarkable. 


So lets start with the knee highs. The ones that come up to your knees but just manage to not cover your knee cap entirely. I find these pretty awkward and therefore don’t tend to stock them. That said, they do work hard for your wardrobe, especially if you have a staple black or tan pair. A taller heel height is unnecessary when it comes to knee highs unless you like adding a bit of a heel. Putting dislikes aside, they do act as the perfect trans-seasonal heroine. If its not quite summer dress weather yet but the sunshine is trying to peek from behind the clouds, knee highs are the answer to your conundrum. Whether you pair with a tight pencil skirt or flowing dress, either way they will instantly elevate a once casual outfit. 

Then out comes the pretty infamous over the knee boots. Originating as riding boots for men in the 15th century, these boots have come a long way to the way we see them today. The popularity of over the knee boots sky rocketed when coloured suede and canvas boots were produced by the London store Biba, with many queuing up when they knew a delivery was due. (We have all done this, right?) They come up higher than knee highs but most of the time less than thigh highs. Ensure when your shopping for either over the knee or thigh highs, that you use the measurements provided to you. Trust me, I’m 5’7 and have definitely regretted not checking. 

And so we come to thigh highs, my personal favourite. They tend to flatter those with longer legs better. In general the shorter you are, the less leg there is above the top of the boot. This optically foreshortens you. However that said, every girl I have ever seen on Insta wearing a pair of thigh highs has looked undoubtably glam, chic and full of sass no matter their height. Whether this was because it was a stylised photo who knows, but my advice is, thigh high boots were made for walking. 

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